Wednesday, December 5, 2012

World AIDS Day Event

On Friday November 30, 2012, Alana and I organized a World AIDS Day Event at the Youth Center (Alana did way more work than me).  Artivists 4 life performed some promotional and informative entertainment in the form of 2 traditional dances (the Baganda and the Runege) and a skit about HIV that I did some acting in.  I played the role of the Muzungu (white person) boss who engages Mashakalugo (my good friend from Kaunga) in a carpet interview (a job interview that you do adult things to get the job) and gives her HIV.  She goes on to sleep with 3 guys who turn out to know each other (PLOT TWIST!) and then they meet up and discuss why Maurice got HIV and they didn't (condom use, circumcision, etc.).  Anyways, jam packed with HIV messages!  Here's some dancing and drumming from my artivists:
All those guys are my good friends.  My friend and professional artist/artivists 4 life member, OJ, designed the t-shirts that were given out to the first 120 people who got tested for HIV.  Him and some Mukono Artivists crammed out all 120 in a day and a half of screen printing.  Then Peace Corps showed up and brought like 150 more shirts and then people started getting crazy about the shirts and were flooding the testing aarea and Alana (with the backup of some guards) locked it down before rioting started.
Rebecca and her shirts being protected by armed guards
It was a wild day and we tested 375 people.  We proceeded to celebrate our victory at Casablanca.

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